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Quick Ship Options available on Healthcare Furniture!


Desk Stackers

Add a stacker to fit any size desk and reduce the spread of germs in the workplace!

Self-Sanitizing Copper Mesh Seating

Self-sanitizing mesh-back swivel chairs or stools have great ergonomics and are comfortable!

Room Dividers

Mobile and fixed walls available to help the privacy of a pre-existing space

Sneeze Guards

Healthcare Grade Sneeze Guards for your space

Emergency Pop-Up Spaces

Walls that can scale to a space of any size. Single, Single+, Double, and custom size - All available for quick ship.

Admission/Intake & Caregiver Stations

Self-sanitizing mesh-back swivel chairs or stools have great ergonomics and are comfortable for those in admissions and intake


The Emergency Field Bed (EFB-1051) is designed for emergency medical response. The bed is constructed from steel finished with an impermeable coating. The Emergency Field Bed (EFB-1051) is designed with an adjustable head and foot, the head of the  bed can be tilted up to a 75° angle. The foot of the bed can be adjusted to a 45° angle with an optional footboard attachment. It can accommodate a maximum capacity of 450 LBS.  Dimensions include a length of 81”, a width of 37”, and height of 26” (Measured from the foot to the top of the flat mattress.  Note: other vendor mattress heights may vary).

All necessary hardware is provided and can be  quickly assembled. This includes a Removable IV  stand that can be fitted on either side of the bed. The EFB-1051 has customizable options to fit your specific needs. These options include a footboard, removable side rails, caster wheels, and a CPSC - Cal -1633  compliant Mattress.

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